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The LED Magician - The Simplest Way to Add Blinking / Chasing / Fading Effects to your LED Projects!

Connect up to 100 LEDs per channel, select from the 32 different blinking sequences and watch your LEDs GLOW!

The LED Magician is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing users with limited technical capability to easily create running light patterns for their projects!

Ideal for Signage, Models, RC, Robotics, Costumes and more!

 No programming, no complicated setups!

The LED Magician is simple-to-use yet packed with advance features that will appeal to absolute beginners as well as professionals.​

The LED Magician is an LED running light generator that is easy to install and use. It's tiny form factor and design is ideal for all LED related installations such as costumes, movie / stage props, RC toys, robotics or even lighting mods for your car or bike! This is the product that adds blinking/fading/chasing sequences to your otherwise boring LED lights! Works with any lightings within the range of 4.5v - 28v. With up to 500mA output across each of its 12 Channels, you can install up to 50 LEDs per channel or 100 LEDs per channel at 5mA each. It is also the ideal solution in driving LED Strips! 32 Pre-programmed blinking/chasing/fading/running modes with 8 variable speeds are controlled by 4 buttons on the circuit board. It also features 12 indicator LEDs that shows a preview of the current running sequence and a smart microchip that "remembers" your last settings even after power-offs.

  For the absolute beginners, if you know how to use a soldering iron, you can start using the LED Magician! To put it simply, whatever power you use to supply to your LEDs, connect the power supply to the LED Magician, it distributes the power across 12 channels, adding selectable blinking sequences to them!

  Ideal for LED Costumes, LED Signage, Movie/Stage Props, Lighting for Cars/Bikes, RC Planes/Cars/Heli/Quadcopters/Multi-copters or Robotic Projects!

Includes simple instructions for the complete novice, as well as detailed information for the advanced users; including controlling of the light sequences with a micro-controller.

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Latest update: LED Magician V2.0.1

We have upgraded our design with minor improvements.

New improvements to the LED Magician V2.0.1:
1. Better quality prints (New manufacturer)
2. Brighter LEDs (REALLY BRIGHT!)
3. Resistors added to each LED to prevent accidental burnouts
4. All pins now aligned to form two parallel rows at the edge of the board (Allow wires to protrude from a single direction when mounted )
5. Preview LEDs now spreads evenly across the board
6. Other minor changes in solder traces to improve durability.

Since this is a minor upgrade, version number remains unchanged (LED Magician V2.0)